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Reflections Media Group Management Team

Jeff Jensen

The driving force behind Reflections Media Group is Jeff Jensen, whose outdoor career spans decades. Jeff has been chasing his passion for the outdoors since the age of 5 when his father took him on his first deer hunt in Utah. At 16, Jeff decided he wanted to become a professional guide, so he wrote hundreds of letters to outfitters asking for a job. He was offered a job as a packer for spring bear hunts in the central Idaho wilderness and has never left the profession.

At 19, Jeff started his own outfitting company and experienced his share of growing pains. Jeff explains, “Being 20 years old and sitting at trade shows trying to sell hunts was a reality check”. Jeff continued to operate Bowhunters Only Guides and Outfitters for 27 years. He quickly became an expert in Western Big Game while successfully guiding clients for elk, mule deer, desert and rocky bighorn sheep, shiras moose, antelope, mountain goat, bear and cougar. Jeff has successfully pursued game in several countries and it has helped him develop a wealth of experience that he uses to serve his clients.

Jeff’s personal favorite hunts are for giant mule deer and chasing cougars: “I love the solitude and remoteness of the wilderness in the winter, and something about the sound of a hound giving its all in a lonely canyon stirs my soul”.

Aside from his professional guiding career, Jeff studied microbiology in college and owns several successful businesses.  With his focus on family, Jeff is also the proud father of three children who share their father’s adventurous spirit.  The family shares many adventures in the outdoors, both at home and abroad.

Jeff recently retired from professional guiding to produce and host the Outfitters Guide television series. “I felt like I had lost touch with why I started guiding. I want to help people achieve their dreams, not pad their egos. I want to give people the opportunity to pursue what was previously thought impossible, to give them that dream.” Jeff’s passion for the outdoors and his desire to help people succeed in the pursuit of their dreams is the driving force behind the Outfitters Guide Television show.

Jeff’s creative insight and industry expertise has given him the opportunity to offer expansive production services he continues to exceed the expectations of the clients he represents. Jeff’s keen understanding of each production allows him to assemble unique teams of equally-driven professionals. Working closely together, these professionals are well versed in the latest technologies, and share in his dedication to deliver a stellar product.

Reflections Media Group offers production services for the following:

  • Commercials
  • Web Series
  • Product review series
  • Sound production
  • Partner specific promotions
  • Branded content series
  • International television series
  • Single sponsor series

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Stephanie Snyder

As Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Stephanie joined Reflections Media Group focusing on project management, creative design and marketing.

Stephanie works closely with Jeff and the partners of Reflections Media Group to promote the love of the outdoors – including a focus on hunting and fishing, and adventure travel.  Stephanie works with a platform of interactive websites, an E-commerce site, and social media which provides expansive opportunities for marketing and growth for the Reflections Media Group team and its partners.

Stephanie has two children who share in her love of outdoor photography, and a newly-discovered fascination with fly fishing.  With many adventures on the horizon for the new year, Stephanie is looking forward to 2017 with Reflections Media Group.

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