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Your Passion ~ Our Experience

Outfitters Guide is founded on making your outdoor dream adventure a reality.  Through the dream submission you can tell us your story, your passion and what makes your story amazing.  No dream is too big, no destination is too far.  If you can dream it, Outfitters Guide wants to hear from you.

Your outdoor dream submission is all about you – and why the Outfitters Guide TV pro staff should select your adventure to inspire our viewers to pursue their own dreams.  Be creative, have fun with your submission, share your story and passion.

This is your dream, your adventure of a lifetime.

Submit your dream – we’ll see you in the great outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Complete the information requested on the submission form for the adventure you have selected.  Please note that the submission forms for School of Hunt, Operation Rally Point and Women in the Wild request specific information – so be sure to complete the correct form in detail, and provide all of the information requested.
  2. Tell us about your dream adventure and why you should be selected.
  3. What makes your story, passion and adventure unique?
  4. Tell us why we should share your story and your adventure.
  1. Submissions must be received by May 1 to be considered for that submission year.
  2. Anything received after May 1 will be included in the following season’s submissions.

If your Dream Submission is associated with a limited entry drawing and you won’t know the results by the deadline, send us your submission anyway.  Include in your submission that you’ve already applied for tags and the number of points you applied with, what unit, species and state you applied for.

All submissions are reviewed by Outfitters Guide TV Pro Staff.  After reviewing the written submissions,  100  submissions will be contacted to submit a short video as part of the final selection process.

After the Outfitters Guide TV Pro Staff reviews the video submissions, 25 submissions will be selected, OGTV Staff will select 6 submissions for dream adventures, the remaining selections will take place via social voting.

All selections are final, selected participants must agree to all of the rules, terms and conditions.  Thank you for submitting your dream adventure with Outfitters Guide, we appreciate all of your submissions and wish we could take everyone on their dream adventure.  Selections are made based on varying criteria per season, if you are not selected, we invite you to submit for the following season of Outfitter Guide.

Outfitters Guide TV has teamed up with dream partners to provide your dream adventure with minimal out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Outfitters Guide TV and its dream partners will cover all costs specifically associated with your adventure:  your hunt, ranch, guide, charter, and rental fees as well as all of your meals and lodging while on your adventure.  Basically, treat this as if you booked a trip and all the expenses are paid once you arrive at a set destination point.

Your only costs will include tag/license fees, (if any) travel to and from the set arrival point for the adventure location and any taxidermy/ processing expenses.  Any travel or personal expenses outside the scope of the defined adventure are at the expense of the participant,  Extras are not included.

All participants must agree to all the rules, terms and conditions.

Be sure to read all of the official terms and conditions.

Outfitters Guide Television and its dream partners are as passionate about your success and pursuit of your dream adventure as you are.  Our team of professional have decades of experience to make your dream a reality.

We invite you to let that experience and the generous support of your dream partners help you pursue the adventure of a lifetime.  From chasing Bighorns and Bulls in the wildest places in the Rockies to casting flies for Mako Sharks we have the experts to make it happen.  No dream is to big, no adventure to small, share your passion with us and tell us your story.

We are looking for amazing people who have incredible stories to share and a passion and dream to be fulfilled.  We look forward to hearing your story and having the opportunity to share in your pursuit.

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