• Jeff Jensen
    March 30, 2017
    Outfitters Guide announces partnership with Boiar
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Outfitters Guide Television announces new partnership with Boiar hats.

October 10, 2016

Jeff Jensen, executive producer and host of the outdoor adventure television series, Outfitters Guide, announced a new partner and sponsor Boiar hats today.  “Boiar is a great product and they are filling a need that everyone who loves the outdoors will appreciate” Jeff said.  This is the only floating hat product on the market and the quality and design of the hats is “top notch.”

Boiar is a new company owned by two friends, Patrick Floyd and Jonathan Beal.  They were on Amazon fishing trip when Patrick lost his hat on the mighty river, it was early in their trip and he endured the hot South American sun for the remainder of the trip with no hat.  When they returned home, they were surprised that they were unable to find any “floating hats” on the market, they set out to change that.

Outfitters Guide will be using and featuring the hats and other Boiar products in their television show and on the e-commerce platform http://www.ogtvgear.com .  If you are wondering how the guys came up with the name Boiar, well, Patrick say it means “to float” in Portuguese, the native language of their guide on the Amazon.

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