POINT HUNTER is the ultimate resource for anyone who applies for big game tags.  If you are a experienced pro or just starting out, Point Hunter provides the platform for your success.

As a Point Hunter user and member you will have access to all of your points, units and hunt profile for every state in one place.  You can easily add and create profiles for those you hunt with.

All Point Hunt members receive a consultation with a Point Hunter representative that will help you design a strategy to draw the tags that matter most.  Every state, every species and the best course for you to draw.  All available on your personal member profile.

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More about Point Hunter

This is not another “pay us and we do everything for you” application service, this is your personal scouting, planning hunt platform! We help you fill out your profile, the states you apply for, and all of your applications, points and draw history will automatically be populated on your dashboard.  All units for each state and species are in the menu so you can update your hunts, applications and draws for each state. 

When you complete your consultation with a Point Hunter representative (free), all of the notes, recommendations and strategy will automatically update on you personal profile.  

From your Dashboard, you can leverage information, maps, articles, unit and harvest history for the units, states and hunts that matter most to you.  You can link your profile with the profiles of your family, friends and hunting buddies so you can apply together or keep track of their draws, applications and hunts.

You can create profiles for your family members, friends and hunting buddies for group applications or just to keep track of each other’s points.  The site is 100% secure and the only information you are providing us is your hunter ID# for each state..we do the rest from there.

Point Hunter members will have access to member only offers on the best gear for your next hunt.  Point Hunter will never spam or email you with any information you do not request!  Members are automatically entered in contests for amazing hunts, tags and gear!

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The point hunter app will allow you to create your hunter profile and keep track of your points and applications on your mobile devices.  Your dashboard will still be available on your desktop for you to plan your hunt!  You will not have access to scouting reports, members only information, third party resources, unit resources and so on.  If you just want a place to track all your points for all of your application states in one place and have access via mobile or desktop, all you need is the app.

With one single push of a button and a little data, PointHunter does the following:

  • Application deadline reminders for 43 states.
  • Draw results
  • Access to your points: anytime, anywhere for 13 states.
  • Makes sure you applied before the deadline.
  • You CANNOT APPLY for hunts if you only have the app, the app is a reminder and easy access tool.

You’ve spent years applying for the tag of a lifetime and now, the moment you have waited for is here.

Often the time, effort and expense comes long before the hunt.  Travel to the hunt location, time off work, plus the expense of scouting a unit you may have never seen before, all the while wondering if you are putting yourself in the best position to be successful on the trophy of your dreams.

Do you hire an Outfitter? Do you spend countless hours searching maps, talking to locals, Fish and Wildlife officials?

If you are not the “Outfitter” type, a true DIY hunter, but just don’t have the time or local knowledge to get the most from your once in a lifetime tag, we have the answer!

This is not a prepackaged scouting report, this is your personal scouting report and is built for your hunt.  We will ask you to provide us a profile about your hunt that will provide us specific information to scout the unit.  We’ll then scout based on the time, assets, resources, trophy expectations and many other factors that will help us provide the information you need. 

We will personally scout your unit.  Chances are, one of our staff has hunted or guided on your unit and has personal knowledge of where you need to hunt.  Regardless, when you hire us to scout your hunt – we will do just that.  Boots on the ground, glass to the mountain scouting. 

As part of this service, you will receive a detailed report with GPS and an OnXMaps disk of your unit.  Waypoints of trailheads, glassing points, game routes, access points, camp locations – all based on the information you provide in your profile.  Photos and video of locations, animals located, all linked to the maps and GPS resources we provide you. 

Yes, you can join us on your scouting trip. Obviously, we may make several trips to your unit scouting your hunt. If you can make it for one of the scouting trips let us know and we will make it happen. 

We will not resell your scouting report…period.  It is your report, your hunt and we know the value of not sharing “your spot”.  Because it is customized to you and what you bring to the mountain for your hunt.  All we ask for is a photo of your success!

Contact us about your hunt so we can discuss scouting options and pricing.

Membership includes the full hunter dashboard, one free application in the state of your choice, the “point hunter app” for on-the-fly access to your information on your mobile device.  You’ll also receive special pricing on gear in the OGTV GEAR store and special offers sent only to members of Point Hunter 

Members have full access to maps and unit information, articles and resources provided by our partners such as  The Hunting Report and many other resources.

*All information you receive will be information you request, we will never spam you or send unsolicited emails*

MEMBERSHIP – $19.99 per year

Includes –

App download from play store / apple

1 free application in state of choice per year

Hunter consultation with Point Hunter  / creation of personal profile

 Access to member only updates, offers and information

Discounts on scouting services, member only hunt and product offers.

APPLICATIONS – $10.00 per application 

(application service is not required for membership)

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