Utah makes changes to Mule Deer preference points

There have been a few questions about Utah changing their preference points system.
It has made some of my friends worried that it is a bad thing.

It is a simple change.  It does not effect the really good draws at all.

The really good draws are on a bonus point system where 50% of the tags go to those with the most points. The last 50% are then in a draw with everyone has as many chances as they have points +1.  These tags take many years to draw on the average.  These tags run on a Preference and Bonus point system.

The change only effects the Preference point areas.  These are known to the local’s as general deer hunt area’s.  These tags are easy to draw.
The change is this.  The Utah state system gave those with the most points preference in the draw.  The problem was you could put in for the hardest  to draw general season tag as your first choice and then for sure get your second choice because you have been saving your preference points.  You could still get a point because if you did not draw your first choice you still got another preference point.

The change says if you draw any of your choices for general deer hunt area’s you will lose your preference points.
If you draw a general season tag you will not lose your Preference/Bonus points for the hard to draw area’s

For review.
Preference points means that those with the most points get the tags.  In Utah these are the general season Units/areas.
Bonus points means you get more chances in a draw.  For the really good areas in Utah it is a mix of preference points (i.e. 50% of the tags go to those with the most points) and bonus points (the other 50%) of the tags.

In Utah you build points for deer in 2 ways.  They are totally kept track of separately.
The general season deer points.  If you draw a general season deer tag you lose your general season deer points. (Preference Point) If you do not draw you get another general season preference point.
The really good season/unit deer points. If your draw a really good area deer tag you lose your really good deer tag points. (Preference/Bonus point system.) If you do not draw and applied for one of these area’s you get another (Preference/Bonus point).

I apply for both these tags every year. You can only have one buck deer tag a year in Utah. If you draw the really good area (Preference/Bonus point system) then you are thrown out of the general season draw (Preference point system) for that year but you will get another general season preference point.

I hope this helps solve the confusion that some have had.



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