Women in the Wild

Women in the Wild

The newest program for Outfitters Guide TV, Women in the Wild, is a program focused on the growing number of women in shooting sports, hunting. angling and outdoor pursuits.  While the primary dream submission platform is open to both men and women, Outfitters Guide TV is expanding the Women in Wild Program – offering unique opportunities for women to expand their knowledge, experiences and pursuits.

Six women will be selected each year to join us on the ranch for the ultimate outdoor experience.  Participants will learn and participate in a wide range of activities from long range shooting, fly fishing, archery as well as intense training from the best in the world.

One participant will be selected by their peers for a special adventure that is planned just for them.  This program is for any woman who wants learn or expand their knowledge and skill in outdoor pursuits.

Welcome to Women in the Wild – We look forward to sharing your passion for the outdoors with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Complete the information requested on the submission form for the adventure you have selected.  Be sure to complete each form in detail, and provide all of the information requested.
  2. Tell us why you should be selected.
  3. What makes your story and passion unique?

Women in the Wild takes place on a large private ranch in the State of Utah. Once you arrive you will learn the art of the hunt and much more from Outfitters Guide pro staff and professionals in their field.

Here are just some things you will learn:

  1. Proper glassing techniques, big game identification
  2. Scouting, hunt planning
  3. Hunter Safety (certified course with certificate)
  4. Basic mountain and camp skills
  5. Firearm skills, sighting in, calibers, proper weapon choices
  6. Shooting skills, elevation shooting, long range, shooting positions
  7. Upland and small game opportunities near your home
  8. Wilderness safety and basic survival skills
  9. Mock hunts, strategies based on species
  10. Wildlife conservation
  1. Submissions must be received by May 1 to be considered for that submission year.
  2. Anything received after May 1 will be included in the following season’s submissions.

All submissions are reviewed by Outfitters Guide TV Pro Staff.  After reviewing the written submissions, OGTV staff will select 100 applicants to submit a short video (less than 3 mins) about themselves and why we should select them for Women in the Wild.  Submissions will be narrowed to 12 selections and three participants will be selected by OGTV Staff and three participants will be selected via social voting.

All selections are final and participants must agree to terms, rules and conditions for participation in Women in the Wild.  We look forward to receiving your submission and we will see you on the mountain!

Outfitters Guide TV has teamed up with dream partners to offer the Women in the Wild program with minimal out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Outfitters Guide TV and its dream partners will cover all costs specifically associated with the week of events for Women in the Wild.  All training, accommodations and meals during the week will be covered by your dream partners.

Your only costs will be travel to and from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Extended stay and extra personal travel, lodging or expenses outside the scope of Women in the Wild are not included.  If you wish to drive your personal vehicle, we will provide directions and meeting location.

Be sure to read all of the official terms and conditions.


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